Talks HS19

16 September 2019 Dr. George Ionita, Rumanian Academy of Sciences: An Introduction to q-convexity (PDF, 23KB)  
23 September 2019 -
30 September 2019 Prof. Dr. Fabian Ziltener, Universiteit Utrecht: What is symplectic geometry? (PDF, 59KB)
07 October 2019 Einstein-Lecutres
14 October 2019 Prof. Dr. Constantine Tsinakis, University of Vanderbilt: The Interplay of Algebra and Logic: Residuated Lattices and Substructural Logics (PDF, 117KB)
21 October 2019 Prof. Dr. Andrea Iannuzzi, University of Rome Tor Vergata: Real-analytic Lie group actions and complexifications (PDF, 16KB)
28 October 2019 Prof. Dr. Jan Maas, IST Austria: Gradient flows and optimal transport: continuous, discrete, and quantum (PDF, 16KB)
04 November 2019 Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Buttazzo, University of Pisa: Relations between torsional rigidity and principal eigenvalue (PDF, 45KB)
11 November 2019 Dr. Luca Reggio, Universität Bern: Formal languages, logic, and duality (PDF, 58KB)
18 November 2019 Dr. Daniel Wessel, University of Verona: Ideal objects in the shades of finite trees (PDF, 59KB)
Tuesday (!), 26 November 2019 Prof. Dr. Filippo Bracci, University of Rome Tor Vergata: Semigroups of holomorphic self-maps of the unit disc - from dynamics to hyperbolic geometry (PDF, 24KB)
02 December 2019 Dr. Adam Kurpisz, ETH: Sum-Of-Squares Bounds via Boolean Function Analysis (PDF, 22KB)
09 December 2019 Plancherel-Lecture (Speaker Andreas Thom, TU Dresden)
16 December 2019 Prof. Dr. Oliver Lorscheid, IMPA Brasil / MPI Bonn: The moduli space of matroids (PDF, 22KB)

Talks FS19

18 February 2019 Dr. Lukas Lewark, University of Bern: Unknotting and Surfaces (PDF, 33KB)  
25 February 2019 Dr. Filip Misev, MPIM Bonn: Metric distortion of algebraic varieties (PDF, 36KB)
04 March 2019 -
11 March 2019 Prof. Dr. David Bommes, University of Bern: Quadrilateral and Hexahedral Mesh Generation (PDF, 23KB)
18 March 2019 Prof. Dr. Victoria Gould, University of York: Finitary properties for monoids (PDF, 23KB)
25 March 2019 Prof. Dr. Tobias Hartnick, University of Giessen: Charting out the world of aperiodic order (PDF, 24KB)
02 April 2019, Tuesday! Prof. Dr.Christian Cachin, University of Bern (INF): Distributing Trust with Blockchains (PDF, 23KB)
08 April 2019 Prof. Dr. Frank Kutzschebauch, University of Bern (MATH): The Linearization Problem (PDF, 22KB)
15 April 2019 -
22 April 2019, Main Building Prof. Dr. Alessio Figalli, ETH Zurich: The beauty of nature and the art of problem-solving (PDF, 1.0 MB)
29 April 2019 Easter Holiday
06 May 2019 Dr. Farbod Shokrieh, University of Copenhagen: Graphs and arithmetic geometry (PDF, 22KB)
13 May 2019 Dr. Rafael Andrist, American University of Beirut: Hypercyclicity and Infinite Transitivity in Complex Analysis (PDF, 23KB)
20 May 2019 Dr. Tomasz Pelka, Polish Academy of Science: Planar rational cuspidal curves (PDF, 24KB)
27 May 2019 Prof. Dr. Tyson Ritter, University of Stavanger: Proper holomorphic embeddings of open Riemann surfaces into Stein complex surfaces (PDF, 22KB)

Talks HS18

17 September 2018 Prof. Dr. Pablo Shmerkin, Universidad Torcuato di Tella: Multiplying by 2 and by 3: old conjectures and new results (PDF, 15KB)  
24 September 2018 Prof. Dr. Pierre Le Boudec, University of Basel: On the Hasse principle in families of Diophantine equations (PDF, 15KB)
01 October 2018 Prof. Dr. Evgeni Dubtsov, Steklov Institute St. Petersburg: Holomorphic maps, tropical power series, and log-convex weights (PDF, 59KB)
08 October 2018 -
15 October 2018 Prof. Dr. Giorgio Ottaviani, Università degli Studi di Firenze: The distance function from a real algebraic variety (PDF, 16KB)
22 October 2018 Prof. Dr. Yaroslav Shitov, Higher School of Economics, Moscow: The nonnegative rank of a matrix: Hard problems, easy solutions (PDF, 15KB)
29 October 2018 Prof. Dr. Francesco Paoli, University of Cagliari: PBZ*-lattices (PDF, 116KB)
05 November 2018 Prof. Dr. Paolo Salani, Università degli Studi di Firenze: Concavity of solutions to elliptic equations (PDF, 58KB)
12 -14 November 2018 Einstein-Lectures
19 November 2018 Schlaefli-Lecture   Prof. Dr. Tamar Ziegler, Einstein Institute of Mathematics, Hebräische Universität
26 November 2018 Zibele-Märit
Tuesday, 27 November 2018 Prof. Dr. Habib Ammari, ETH Zurich: Subwavelength Resonances: From Super-resolution to Metamaterials (PDF, 58KB)
03 December 2018 Prof. Dr. Johannes Rau, University of Tuebingen: Counting curves and polynomials - a tropical view (PDF, 15KB)
10 December 2018 Dr. Fathi Ben Aribi, University of Geneva: Distinguishing knots with L2-invariants (PDF, 22KB)
17 December 2018 Prof. Dr. Jörg Winkelmann, Ruhr University Bochum: Tame Discrete Subsets In Complex Algebraic Groups (PDF, 61KB)

Talks FS18

19 February 2018 -  
26 February 2018 -
05 March 2018 -
12 March 2018

Prof. Andras Nemethi, University of Budapest: The topology of normal surface singularities (PDF, 22KB)

19 March 2018 Prof. Frank Duzaar, University of Erlangen: A quantitative isoperimetric inequality in higher codimension (PDF, 84KB)
26 March 2018 Prof. Hans-Peter Künzi, University of Cape Town: The Isbell-convex hull of a T0-quasi-metric space (PDF, 81KB)
02 April 2018 Easter Holiday
09 April 2018 -
16 April 2018 -
23 April 2018 -
30 April 2018 Prof. Xiao Zhong, University of Helsinki: Random tilings, variational problems and the Beltrami equation (PDF, 105KB)
07 May 2018 Prof. Niko Beerenwinkel, ETH Zurich: Learning tumor phylogenies from single-cell data (PDF, 16KB)
14 May 2018 Dr. Rafael Andrist, University of Wuppertal: Wild and tame (PDF, 22KB)
22 May 2018    TUESDAY! Prof. Gene Freudenburg, Western Michigan University: Real Forms of Objects in Affine Algebraic Geometry (PDF, 69KB)
28 May 2018 Prof. Caroline Uhler, Massachusetts Institute of Technology  CANCELLED!

Talks HS17

18 September 2017 -  
25 September 2017 Dr. Pierre-Marie Poloni, University of Bern: Stably equivalent polynomials and the complement problem (PDF, 59KB)
02 October 2017 Dr. Plinio G. P. Murillo, University of Bern: What is an Arithmetic Group? (PDF, 58KB)
09 October 2017 Plancherel Lecture
16 October 2017 Dr. José Gil-Ferez, University of Bern: Idempotent residuated lattices and other related algebras (PDF, 59KB)
23 October 2017 -
30 October 2017 Dr. Ana Khukhro, Université de Neuchâtel: Geometry of finite quotients of groups (PDF, 60KB)
06 November 2017 Prof. Dr. Arunima Ray, MPI Bonn: Knot theory in dimension 3.5 (PDF, 59KB)
13 November 2017 Dr. Tapio Rajala, University of Jyväskylä: Extending Sobolev functions from Euclidean domains (PDF, 60KB)
20 - 22 November 2017 Einstein Lectures
27 November 2017 Zibelemärit
04 December 2017 Prof. Dr. Janos Pach, EPF Lausanne: The importance of being uncomplicated (PDF, 60KB)
11 December 2017 Prof. Dr. Urs Lang, ETH Zurich: Higher rank hyperbolicity in spaces of nonpositive curvature (PDF, 59KB)
18 December 2017 Dr. Mircea Petrache, ETH Zurich: Optimal point configurations and their asymptotics (PDF, 59KB)

Talks FS17

20 February 2017 -  
27 February 2017 Prof. Dr. Gyula Csató,  Universidad de Concepción, Chile: On isoperimetric and functional inequalities with weights (PDF, 66KB)
06 March 2017 Dr. Frank de Zeeuw, EPFL: Expanding polynomials and combinatorial geometry (PDF, 118KB)
13 March 2017 Prof. Dr. Markus Schweighofer, Universität Konstanz: Quadrature rules with few nodes via real algebraic geometry and conic optimization (joint work with Cordian Riener) (PDF, 60KB)
20 March 2017 Prof. Dr. Perti Mattila, University of Helsinki: Hausdorff dimension, Kakeya problems and projections (PDF, 59KB)
27 March 2017 Prof. Dr. Alessio Figalli, ETHZ: Quantitative stability: isoperimetric vs Brunn-Minkowski inequalities (PDF, 117KB)
03 April 2017 Prof. Dr. Michelle Bucher, Université de Genève: Vanishing simplicial volume for certain affine manifolds (PDF, 116KB)
10 April 2017 -
17 April 2017 Easter Holiday
24 April 2017 Prof. Dr. Christoph Schwab, ETHZ: Numerical Analysis of High-Dimensional PDEs (PDF, 119KB)
01 May 2017 -
08 May 2017 -
15 May 2017 Prof. Dr. Shin-ichi Ohta, Osaka University: Rigidity for spectral gap under positive Ricci curvature (PDF, 59KB)
22 May 2017 Prof. Dr. Lizhen Ji, University of Michigan Ann Arbor: Bernhard Riemann and his moduli space (PDF, 59KB)
29 May 2017 Prof. Dr. Mario Bonk, University of California: CANCELLED !

Talks HS16

19 September 2016 -  
26 September 2016 -
03 October 2016 Prof. Dr. Jan Draisma, University of Bern: (Uniform) determinantal representations of polynomials (PDF, 16KB)
10 October 2016 -
17 October 2016 Prof. Dr. Masato Mimura, Tohoku University / EPFL: Bounded and unbounded generation; and fixed point properties (PDF, 23KB)
24 October 2016- Prof. Dr. Jitendra Bajpai, Universität Göttingen: Introduction to the theory of hypergeometric groups (PDF, 15KB)
31 October 2016 Prof. Dr. Rudi Pendavingh, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven: Asymptotic properties of matroids (PDF, 16KB)
07 November 2016 Dr. Gilles Vilmart, University of Geneva: Long time numerical solution of stochastic differential equations: the interplay of geometric integration and stochastic integration (PDF, 16KB)
14 November 2016 Dr. Nick Bezhanishvili, University of Amsterdam: Intermediate logics and varieties of Heyting algebras (PDF, 15KB)
21 November 2016 Dr. Arnaud Brothier, Università di Roma: Infinite depth subfactors (PDF, 15KB)
28 November 2016 Zibelemärit
05 December 2016 -
12 December 2016 Prof. Dr. Robert McCann, University of Toronto: Optimal transportation between unequal dimensions (PDF, 16KB)
19 December 2016 Prof. Dr. Luca Rizzi, University of Grenoble: Some topics in sub-Riemannian geometry (PDF, 15KB)

Talks FS16

22 February 2016 Dr. Lukas Parapatits, ETH Zurich: The Affine Surface Area in Convex Geometry (PDF, 23KB)  
29 February 2016 Prof. Dr. Enno Lenzmann, University of Basel: Tackling Nonlocality (PDF, 59KB)
07 March 2016 Dr. Artur Jez, University of Wroclaw: Solving equations in free (semi)groups (PDF, 23KB)
14 March 2016 Prof. Dr. Jeremy Tyson, University of Illinois: Bi-Lipschitz embeddings and differentiation.pdf (PDF, 16KB)
21 March 2016 -
28 March 2016 Easter Holidays
04 April 2016 Prof. Dr. Andrew Lobb, University of Durham: Khovanov homology (PDF, 15KB)
11 April 2016 -
18 April 2016 -
25 April 2016 Dr. Changyo Guo, University of Fribourg: The theory of quasiregular mappings in metric spaces (PDF, 17KB)
02 May 2016 Prof. Dr. Stefan Sauter, University of Zurich: High Frequency Scattering: Fast Solution Methods and Numerical Analysis (PDF, 18KB)
09 May 2016 Dr. Alina Vdovina, Newcastle University: Buildings, superrigidity and surfaces (PDF, 15KB)
16 May 2016 Pentecost
23 May 2016 Dr. Roger Züst, University of Paris: Regularity theory for almost minimal surfaces (PDF, 15KB)
30 May 2016 Prof. Dr. Hanspeter Kraft, Universität Basel: Symmetrien in Algebra und Geometrie-Symmetries in Algebra and Geometry (PDF, 17KB)