Mathematical Colloquium (HS17)


  • Lecturers in Mathematics

Colloquium Guidelines for Speakers

Please have a look at the following Colloquium Guidelines when preparing your talk.


Please find here the link to download the Semesterkontrollblatt.

Time and Venue

  • Monday, 17-19, B 78 (ExWi)
  • Start: Lectures are announced here.


18 September 2017 -  
25 September 2017 Dr. Pierre-Marie Poloni, University of Bern: Stably equivalent polynomials and the complement problem (PDF, 59KB)
02 October 2017 Dr. Plinio G. P. Murillo, University of Bern: What is an Arithmetic Group? (PDF, 58KB)
09 October 2017 Plancherel Lecture
16 October 2017 Dr. José Gil-Ferez, University of Bern: Idempotent residuated lattices and other related algebras (PDF, 59KB)
23 October 2017 -
30 October 2017 Dr. Ana Khukhro, Université de Neuchâtel: Geometry of finite quotients of groups (PDF, 60KB)
06 November 2017 Prof. Dr. Arunima Ray, MPI Bonn: Knot theory in dimension 3.5 (PDF, 59KB)
13 November 2017 Dr. Tapio Rajala, University of Jyväskylä: Extending Sobolev functions from Euclidean domains (PDF, 60KB)
20 - 22 November 2017 Einstein Lectures
27 November 2017 Zibelemärit
04 December 2017 Prof. Dr. Janos Pach, EPF Lausanne: The importance of being uncomplicated (PDF, 60KB)
11 December 2017 Prof. Dr. Urs Lang, ETH Zurich: Higher rank hyperbolicity in spaces of nonpositive curvature (PDF, 59KB)
18 December 2017 Dr. Mircea Petrache, ETH Zurich: Optimal point configurations and their asymptotics (PDF, 59KB)