Mathematical Colloquium (HS18)


  • Lecturers in Mathematics

Colloquium Guidelines for Speakers

Please have a look at the following Colloquium Guidelines when preparing your talk.


Please find here the link to download the Semesterkontrollblatt.

Time and Venue

  • Monday, 17-19, 119 (ExWi)
  • Start: Lectures are announced here.


17 September 2018 Prof. Dr. Pablo Shmerkin, Universidad Torcuato di Tella: Multiplying by 2 and by 3: old conjectures and new results (PDF, 15KB)  
24 September 2018 Prof. Dr. Pierre Le Boudec, University of Basel: On the Hasse principle in families of Diophantine equations (PDF, 15KB)
01 October 2018 Prof. Dr. Evgeni Dubtsov, Steklov Institute St. Petersburg: Holomorphic maps, tropical power series, and log-convex weights (PDF, 59KB)
08 October 2018 -
15 October 2018 Prof. Dr. Giorgio Ottaviani, Università degli Studi di Firenze: The distance function from a real algebraic variety (PDF, 16KB)
22 October 2018 Prof. Dr. Yaroslav Shitov, Higher School of Economics, Moscow: The nonnegative rank of a matrix: Hard problems, easy solutions (PDF, 15KB)
29 October 2018 Prof. Dr. Francesco Paoli, University of Cagliari: PBZ*-lattices (PDF, 116KB)
05 November 2018 Prof. Dr. Paolo Salani, Università degli Studi di Firenze: Concavity of solutions to elliptic equations (PDF, 58KB)
12 -14 November 2018 Einstein-Lectures
19 November 2018 Schlaefli-Lecture   Prof. Dr. Tamar Ziegler, Einstein Institute of Mathematics, Hebräische Unviersität
26 November 2018 Zibele-Märit
Tuesday, 27 November 2018 Prof. Dr. Habib Ammari, ETH Zurich: Subwavelength Resonances: From Super-resolution to Metamaterials (PDF, 58KB)
03 December 2018 Prof. Dr. Johannes Rau, University of Tuebingen: Counting curves and polynomials - a tropical view (PDF, 15KB)
10 December 2018 Dr. Fathi Ben Aribi, University of Geneva: Distinguishing knots with L2-invariants (PDF, 22KB)
17 December 2018 Prof. Dr. Jörg Winkelmann, Ruhr University Bochum: Tame Discrete Subsets In Complex Algebraic Groups (PDF, 61KB)