Mathematical Colloquium (FS24)


  • Lecturers in Mathematics

Colloquium Guidelines for Speakers

Please have a look at the following Colloquium Guidelines when preparing your talk.


Please find here the link to download the Semesterkontrollblatt.

Time and Venue

  • Monday, 17-19, Lecture Room B6 (ExWi)
  • Start: Lectures are announced here.


19 February 2024 -
26 February 2024 -
04 March 2024 -
11 March 2024 Dr. Tobias Harz, Universität Wupperal / Bern: Plurisubharmonic defining functions for pseudoconvex domains
18 March 2024 Dr. Wesley Fussner, Czech Academy of Sciences: Recent Progress on Amalgamation
25 March 2024 Prof. Dr. Melanie Rupflin, Oxford University: Quantitative estimates for geometric variational problems
01 April 2024 vacation
08 April 2024 Dr. Gergely Kiss, Rényi Institute of Mathematics
15 April 2024 Prof. Dr. Alexander Guterman, Bar-Ilan University
22 April 2024 Prof. Dr. Florian Richter, EPFL
29 April 2024 Prof. Dr. Carles Noguera, University of Siena
06 May 2024 Prof. Dr. Karoly Böröczky, Rényi Institute of Mathematics
13 May 2024 Dr. Rosa Winter, FernUni Brig
21 May 2024, Tuesday Prof. Dr. Rafael Andrist, University of Ljubljana
27 May 2024 Prof. Dr. Fulvio Gesmundo, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse