Mathematical Colloquium (HS22)


  • Lecturers in Mathematics

Colloquium Guidelines for Speakers

Please have a look at the following Colloquium Guidelines when preparing your talk.


Please find here the link to download the Semesterkontrollblatt.

Time and Venue

  • Monday, 17-19, Lecture Room B6 (ExWi)
  • Start: Lectures are announced here.


19 September 2022 -
26 September 2022 Dr. Filip Rupniewski, University of Bern: Is it possible to multiply two pairs of 2x2 matrices faster?
03 October 2022 -
10 October 2022 Plancherel Lecture
17 October 2022 -
24 October 2022 -
31 October 2022 Prof. Bruno Franchi, University of Bologna: Regular submanifolds and graphs in Carnot groups
07 November 2022 Dr. Gavin St. John, University of Bern: Encoding decision problems in non-classical logics
14 November 2022 Prof. Pavel Gumenyuk, Politecnico di Milano: Squeezing function of a planar domain
21 November 2022 Dr. Gabriel Pallier, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie: Looking at Lie groups through Gromov's telescope
28 November 2022 Zibelemärit
05 December 2022 Dr. Bernadette Stolz, EPFL: Applications of global and local persistent homology for the shape and classification of biologial data
12 December 2022 -
19 December 2022 -